Residential Solar Rooftop Systems Consist Of 3 Types
1 On- Grid Rooftop Systems
2 Off- Grid Rooftop Systems
3 Hybrid Systems
1 On-grid Rooftop Systems- Systems Are Connected To The Main Power Grid And The Excess Power Is Sent To The Grid. Hence These Systems Does Not Require Batteries For Power Storage And It Is Highly Recommended For Customers Who Want To Make Money From Solar
2 Off-grid Rooftop System :-this Systems Require Batteries As Storage For Energy Which Can Be For Later Use And Cannot Be Connected To The Main Grid And These Are Suited For Places Where The Connectivity To Grid Is Low.
Off Grid System Is Costly As They Require Batteries
3 Hybrid Systems :- These Systems Are The Costliest Of The Above Three And It’s A Luxury Option As It Is A Mix Of Competencies Both On-grid And Off-grid.