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What Is The Loan Tenure For Solar Rooftop Installations Under Loan Schemes?2020-10-09T13:35:03+05:30

The Tenure Of Loan Is For 1 Year.
Can Customers Get Any Assistance Or Loan For Solar Rooftop Installations In Residential, Commercial Or Projects ?
Yes , We Do Have Tie Up With Banks And Can Help The Customer For Loan Documentation And Approvals To With Rate Of Interest Which Varies From 10-13 % Based On The Types Of Banks Like Corporates Or Commercial Or Cooperative Banks.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Systems Which The Nujum Provides?2020-10-09T13:31:24+05:30

Our Offering Of Systems Are Based On The Requirement Of The Customer, However , We Undertake Installations Form 1kw Solar To 10 Kw Solar And All The Way Forward Upto 70 Kw Solar Also.

Which Is The Leading Solar Rooftop Company In India ?2020-10-09T12:37:59+05:30

The Nujum Is One Of The Innovative Solar Rooftop Company Started By Energetic Entrepreneur Of Surat And Also Has Made Remarkable Installation Across Gujarat Both City And Rural Markets
The Company Has Been Working At A Growth Philosophy To Provide Customer Centric Solar Solutions.
The Nujum Has Been Delivering Projects With The Fastest Completion Pace And Providing High Quality Tata Solar Products In The Market With A Robust Sales And Service Team To Provide Round The Clock Customer Service With Full Zeal And Enthusiasm.

What Is The Procedure To Contact Solar Experts From The Nujum?2020-10-09T13:30:51+05:30

Feel Free To Buzz On Our Contact Details Found At The Page Bottom Under The Contact Us Section Also Feel Free To Get Your Doubts Cleared By In-house Experts Of Solar.

Why Should Customers Choose To Get Serviced By The Nujum?2020-10-09T12:34:44+05:30

Our Employees Take Pride In Rendering The Following Service Excellent Initiatives.
Ø Out Motto At The Nujum Is To Give 100% Total Solar Solutions To Customers And Also Our Employees Go Extra Miles To Deliver Consumer Delight In The Consumer’s Mindset.
Ø We Use Cutting Edge Technologies To Provide Consumer Delight To Customers
Ø Our Design, Development, Delivery, R&D Are Unique And Are Always Customer Centric Providing Solutions To The Customer With Innovation, Excellence In Execution.
Ø Assured Subsidy In Residential Project For 40 %
Ø Fastest Delivery In Execution And Also Have A Robust Supply Chain Solution.
Ø We Provide World Class Customer Support And Give Customer Centric Solutions.
Ø Our Dedicated, Competent And Service Driven Culture Within Sales And Service Team Are Always Happy To Serve Customers With A Smile

What Is The Security Deposit Clause For Solar Rooftop ?2020-10-09T13:34:33+05:30

No Collaterals Are Required For Solar Rooftop Installations

How Much Does The Solar Rooftop Systems Cost ?2020-10-09T12:24:19+05:30

The Solar System Is Based On Various Factors Like Grid Type, System Size And Specifications In Built In The System, Customer Electricity Consumption Pattern Etc. During The Field Survey The Engineer Will Calculate Based On The Consumption What Would Be The System Configuration And Also How Many Panels Will Be Installed Base On The Size Of The Rooftop, Shadow Analysis, Design And Google Sketch Layouts Would Be Determined For An Optimal Sized System Which Best Matches The Price For The Customer.

What Is The Average Bill For Which Customer Should Go For Solar ?2020-10-09T12:23:09+05:30

If A Customer Has A Monthly Electricity Bill Above Rs. 2000 On An Average And Also Has Physical Access To The Rooftop And Customer Wants To Make Revenue From Solar Which Gives An Opportunity To Go For Solar Rooftop Installations.

What Is The Safety Of Solar Energy ?2020-10-09T12:22:38+05:30

Solar Energy Is Safe And It Creates Green Energy Which Is Pollution Free And Not Hazardous Like Nuclear Energy Or Hydro Power Stations As Solar Panels Systems Are Immovable Parts
Also Earthing Is Mandatory Along With Glass Sheets Which Are Required To Protect The Pv Cell For Adversity Against Functioning.
Solar Energy Is The Most Reliable And Efficient Form Of Renewable Energies For Residential, Business, Commerce And Projects.

How Does The Solar Panel Work In Practicality?2020-10-09T12:21:46+05:30

Solar Panel Work On Photovoltaic Effect Principle (Pv Effect). When The Sunlight Hits The Panel Surface Of Solar , These Solar Cells Start Conducting Electricity Because Of The Photoelectric Property Of Silicon, The Semiconductor Materials Through Which The Solar Cell Is Made.

What Is The Make Of Solar Rooftop Systems?2020-10-09T12:21:15+05:30

It’s A System Consisting Of Solar Panels Which Are Mounted Up On The Rooftops / Terrace Of Customers And Not Like Traditional Solar Systems Which Require Extra Land For Setting Up. The Above Configuration Lowers Cost And Increases The Utilization Of Space On Customers Rooftop/ Terrace.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Rooftop Systems For Residential Customers ?2020-10-09T12:20:39+05:30

Residential Solar Rooftop Systems Consist Of 3 Types
1 On- Grid Rooftop Systems
2 Off- Grid Rooftop Systems
3 Hybrid Systems
1 On-grid Rooftop Systems- Systems Are Connected To The Main Power Grid And The Excess Power Is Sent To The Grid. Hence These Systems Does Not Require Batteries For Power Storage And It Is Highly Recommended For Customers Who Want To Make Money From Solar
2 Off-grid Rooftop System :-this Systems Require Batteries As Storage For Energy Which Can Be For Later Use And Cannot Be Connected To The Main Grid And These Are Suited For Places Where The Connectivity To Grid Is Low.
Off Grid System Is Costly As They Require Batteries
3 Hybrid Systems :- These Systems Are The Costliest Of The Above Three And It’s A Luxury Option As It Is A Mix Of Competencies Both On-grid And Off-grid.

How To Compute My Solar Power Requirements?2020-10-09T12:19:15+05:30

You Can Surely Visit On Website Saving Calculator Icon And Can Get Exact Your Solar Requirement
Also You Can Call Our Sales And Service Engineer Teams Who Can Come To Your House / Factory So That You Can Do The Field Survey And Bill Survey At Your Premises.

What Is The Durability Of Solar Panels ?2020-10-09T12:18:26+05:30

Solar Panels Used By The Nujum Are Of Good Quality , Angled Sturdily And Are Water Resistant Without Any Moving Parts. The Above Robust Structure To Withstand Any External Pressures Of All Kinds, Evolving From Wind, Dust Or Rains.
Regular Maintenance Can Be Helpful In Giving Just In Time Solutions.

Does The Solar Panel Work During Cloudy Weather?2020-10-09T12:17:07+05:30

There Is A Myth That Solar Panels Function On The Conversion Of Light Energy Into Electrical Energy. Hence As Long, Sunlight Is Available High Quality Solar Panels Ensures For 75 % Of Power Generations Even During The Winter Season Of Cloudiness Or Monsoon Season.

Does The Solar System Work During Power Cuts ?2020-10-09T12:17:46+05:30

During Power Cuts Also Off Grid Systems As Well As Hybrid Solar Systems Can Produce Electricity By The Backup Of Batteries Too
Whereas On-grid Solar Systems Does Not Produce Electricity During Power Failures From The Grid Note Because They Halfly Depend On The Main Grid Of Power.

Will My Air Conditioners Be Compatible With The Power Generated By Rooftop Solar Systems ?2020-10-09T12:15:47+05:30

Yes Surely You Can And Also Your Entire House Can Run On The Solar System Generated Power With An Expectation Of Optimal Load Performance Including Heavy Appliances Viz Ac’s , Electric Geysers Etc.

What Is The Technique To Clean Solar Panels ?2020-10-09T12:14:27+05:30

Solar Panels Need To Be Ideally Cleaned In The Night As There Would Be No Incidental Light Which Can Start Electricity For Conduction.
Cleaning Can Be Done By Using A Wet Cloth When The Day Is Dry Or A Hose Of Water So That Dirt Can Be Removed To Ensure Moisture Does Not Stick Around The Solar Panels Based On Sensuality Your Frequency Of Cleaning Has Been Decided.
The Frequency Of Cleaning Will Be More In The Summer Season, Kindly Ensure That You Do Not Make Any Attempt To Clean The Wiring Done Underneath The Solar Panels.

What About Solar Panel Maintenance ?2020-10-09T12:15:04+05:30

Our Company The Nujum Provides 5 Years World Class And Best In Collaborative Maintenance Plus Innovative Support Services Post Installations Of Solar Rooftop
Our Systems Are Inbuilt With Panels Clubbed With Inverters Having Long Warranties Bundled In On site And Also Our Team Will Do Field Inspection With Regular Frequency And Check On The Power Generation On A Continuous Basis.

How To Go About For Repairs Of Solar Panels ?2020-10-09T12:12:42+05:30

The Nujum Solar Customers Service Department Will Support You And Provide With Fastest Onsite Support From Our Team Of Competent And Committed Team Of Service Engineers Who Are Happy To Help You To Solve Technical Problems

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